Friday, September 4, 2020

Aspie vs Autie

So I ran across someone recently who was talking about the term "aspie" (as well as terms of "function" that I hate and have talked about before). It was new to me! 
I will admit that when it comes to "community", I don't necessarily participate in a lot of online communities (or offline tbh). I just don't have the time or energy for all that. But I have read and followed several autism related online blogs and pages and I still had never come across anyone who mentioned this.

When I was diagnosed, it hadn't been that long since the medical community removed the aspie label and just went with autism spectrum across the board. A lot of the communities/people I followed were rather attached to the aspie/asperger title, saying that it fit our profile better or more specifically than an autism one and I agreed with that. But I'm starting to wonder what that actually meant. 

Put simply, if we look into the actual origin of the Aspergers name, Hans Asperger himself, things look very different. From what I've now learned, Hans worked with the Na*is in Germany and he had discovered some people were "special" in certain ways, and while others were disabled (and killed), these "special" ones were beneficial, basically, to the cause, and should be preserved. So basically, this is the whole high functioning and low functioning thing, low functioning meant you didn't deserve to live, and high functioning meant you had some value and could be used to help the cause (which at the time was ww2).
Basically if you were disabled, you were killed for it because you were weak, unless you fit this certain profile. 
He also said girls couldn't have autism, but I did pass that off to the fact that it was a "new" thing they were learning and so I don't expect him to have gotten it all right the first time. However, the prevalence of thinking that women don't have autism still lingers over the medical community, to the extent that both professionals and parents alike will blow off obvious signs because they don't look like the popular, autism speaks boy centered style symptoms. Girls go untreated, and end up diagnosed with other things (bipolar seems to be the most common that I've heard women say they were diagnosed with before they were finally diagnosed with autism).  But I digress...

Asperger was a horrible person, basically only saving people who had financial value, for the cause. He may have stumbled upon something that we do find critical to our lives today, but he wasn't doing it for the good of people, he was doing it to further the na*i cause. 

So. The whole thing is wrapped up in the eugenics of killing children who don't have value to society. It's things we actually still do, by "providing" testing ahead of time to see if the baby has this or that genetic disorder, so you can decide to abort your baby if you think their life is going to alter yours too much or something. Its eugenics. 

So anyway, I just wanted to make an actual post. I should and could probably write something about the pandemic we're all going thru right now. But that's definitely for another time. How you all doing?

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Female Aspies

So today I have a referral to an excellent list of traits of female Aspies.
I truly believe we are everywhere. <3 

So check out this great link! Let me know what you think and if there are any that really stick out to you!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Fitness Referral SALE

So just a quick pop in to say that one of the programs I mentioned in my last post - Fit2B - is having a huge 40% off everything sale!! Beth turned 40 this year!

It ends today, so go check it out and get yourself some Fit2B before its all over!!

Sorry it's last minute notice, I'd been meaning to say something for a long time and I just haven't had a chance!!

They've got all kinds of routines/programs, but none of them are intended to give you that "no pain no gain" kind of workout. That being said they're not all wimpy either! They can help you prep or rehab for surgeries, childbirth, or just life, injuries or just fitness overall... They can help strengthen and give you an outlet or whatever!

There's so much there that I haven't yet explored, so just get over there and check it out!

Monday, March 25, 2019

WHOA. Sorry It's Been FOREVER - GREAT Fitness Referrals!

I don't even know if I mentioned it in any of my posts last May (I can't believe it's been since May since I posted last!), but we got pregnant with baby #4 last year! So, I was sick for quite a while last year, until I realized it was dairy that was making me ill. Other than that, I had a lot more physical trouble with that pregnancy being my core is completely shot!

I've learned a lot in the past few years about fitness, especially relating to core (abs) and how damaged we can be from natural things like pregnancy or even just chronic bad postures and laziness in posture and how we carry things or lift things. But I'm definitely worn out! This pregnancy my stomach hung over so far, and I looked and was so huge! I had a lot of trouble with baby's position too, which I blame on the fact that my core was not doing anything to hold baby upright. Labor also revealed this to be true, in order to really kick things into gear, we had to use a robozo to lift baby more upright and get more pressure downward. This labor didn't last any longer than the last 3 really, still blasted through it in 2 hours or so. But the physical work it was definitely wore me out. My 3rd pregnancy I also hung out over, but not as bad as #4. After #3, I also had horrible hip pain I could barely walk for a week after I had him. #4 was not like that thank goodness.

ANYWAY, I had discovered a few businesses that anyone anywhere can do, because they're online!

The first is The Tummy Team!

The next one is Fit2B!

They both have a lot of resources and information and fitness things to do. For me, I view The Tummy Team as core rehab or physical therapy. Fit2B is full of fitness routines for the whole family.

I love how both of them are so real. Neither one of them are super fit body builders. Neither of them are these perfectly sculpted athletes. That makes you feel like you're working out with a friend, not being trained by some perfect specimen of a person.

The biggest thing with both of them is how they treat the core. 


You would have to watch the videos at The Tummy Team to fully get the picture. They have a whole page of free resources!

They have different programs for core rehab, for preparing for surgery (csections, or any other abdominal surgery), programs for during and after pregnancy, and refresher courses, as well as professional advancement as well!

Anyway, they teach you about your core, and how to activate the muscles in your core that are supposed to hold you up! It is your literal built in corset. This is more than fitness and rehab, its education. They have courses for professionals as well.
But seriously. No crunches, and still get great abs? Well, I'm not sure if getting great abs is even the point. The point is healing and gaining strength for life, not getting that perfectly sculpted 6 pack. I suppose if that's truly something you want, start here, and do that other stuff after. You might notice if you look at some of those "perfect" 6 pack abs, they are separated by a huge canyon! This is a diastasis. I know, I hadn't heard of it either, especially not from any of my doctors. But people, this thing is for real. I am starting to wonder how much of my mental and emotional health is actually rooted in my core weakness and disconnection. Right now, 3 months after baby #4, my diastasis measures 6 fingers wide at my belly button, 6 about 3 fingers length up from there, and a 4 below my belly button 3 fingers length. This is not the end of the world, I learned, even the founder Kelly Dean, had a diastasis with similar measurements. She healed most of that in 8 weeks. So that's minimum what I expect to need to do to start healing mine.

They often recommend splinting as well, which I had been doing a lot of, but my splint is literally unraveling right now! So I have to get a new one right now. I don't have a good way to judge how exactly it makes my body feel, but I do know I feel something different, I just feel held together and almost natural. Sometimes the splint shifts and I have to fix it but for the most part, I put it on and I don't think about it much. It does really tell you when you're slouching into it. I am not good at not slouching, this I definitely know for sure. It seems much worse post pregnancy, which isn't that surprising.

They also offer skype sessions where they can give you personalized feedback. 

Anyway, now I'll talk about Fit2B.
She also continues the tummy safe fitness. Neither of these two programs believe in the "no pain no gain" mentality. So what you're going to get is a lot of support to listen to your body and please, stop if you have pain! Both intend to not only help you find ways to implement fitness into your life, but they are also very focused on healing your body. 

Fit2B also has a podcast - Fit2b Radio. I have learned so much and I just find myself nodding my head - they are so great! I wish every single woman - and man - could hear it. It's stuff so basic that it frustrates me that we have to find it ourselves, at this point. Doctors are still not really trained to know their limits and refer appropriately. Physical therapists even are not really fully understanding the broad scope of what they are doing. Though I found the physical therapy I've done to be rather gentle, much of it compromised the fact that my core is weak and separated, and the things I was told to do were things that made it harder to activate my core and heal the problems I was and am having.

Fit2B's website is fabulous. You can literally pick and choose from a whole list of options, from what kind of workout to how long you have, even sitting workouts! I haven't gotten to explore it fully yet. I'm still just dipping my toe in the water of all they have to offer. Most of what we've used has been through the Roku - yes you can hook Fit2B up through your Roku! The kids love to do the kid workouts! They are not scripted, so it is so fun to watch. Kids just get moving! It's fabulous. Theres a lot of yoga in there, but for me personally I take a lot of caution with those groups of exercises, but I know a lot of people love them. My point is, their workouts aren't painfully intense, but I was just watching a circuit routine and she was definitely sweating. So don't knock the gentleness of the workout! It's still movement, and it's still a workout!

I have yet to start the foundational 5, but most of my day is literally holding a baby, so I'll get there. I also should look more at the neck and shoulders routine because I could probably do that while nursing a baby. It's just going to be some time, I fear, before baby will allow me enough hands free time to focus on something like that. But I keep watching and listening to the podcast and trying to remember to keep better posture and think about how to put movement into my day. I'm not very good at that, I'm rather tired and it seems some days I can't manage to get anything done. Its supper time and bed time and I feel like I've literally done nothing. But, I have a 3 month old. This is a normal natural season for this. I also have to remember to rest and recouperate. My body has been through a lot - growing babies - and it deserves rest just as much. But I do need to really move more.

ANYWAY, my point is, these two programs, either alone or together, could very likely change your life. It's likely you're like me and have no idea that you even have this problem - diastasis, or pelvic floor issues. Even if you know about them, what you're told from your doctor is usually disappointing, that surgery is your only option or that this is just a part of being a woman/aging/having had children. We do NOT need to accept this as normal! Something they say a lot at Fit2B (and The Tummy Team too I think) is that something that's common doesn't mean it's normal. You can tell by the fact that every woman has heard there are certain problems you get as you age or post childbirth, that it's common. That doesn't make it normal, and we shouldn't be accepting it as if it is! We have the power to heal ourselves, we just need to know what to do and how. BOTH these programs will do that.

Start following them on social media and watch out for sales! That's how I bought my programs and memberships! Just get yourself a program! The links I've included here are my affiliate links, I just started doing that. I figured since I was literally tagging The Tummy Team and Fit2B everywhere I see women talking about things like this, I might as well make some good out of it maybe. ;) So please check it out and I hope you get yourself a program and start working!

ANYWAY, I didn't really intend to write this long of a post about this stuff, but in true aspie fashion, I get obsessive. I just feel like everyone should know this stuff. It kinda bothers me that it's almost a secret. I don't even know how I came across this to begin with, but it's rocked my world. I hope you get something out of it as well! They are posting things all the time, so even if you just follow them and just learn a little here and there watching their free info, it's better than nothing!

Thanks for reading.

I NEED TOPICS! If you have a topic you'd like me to write about, please let me know! I know I've left quite a vast desert since I last posted, I don't really want to keep doing that, but I get busy and distracted and it's sometimes hard to think. I wrote most of this post while my kids were goofing around with Fit2B's kid workouts. ;) SO there! 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Aspergers in Girls - Misdiagnosed and Underdiagnosed

I'm going to refer you over to another page today.

AS an aspie who wasn't diagnosed until 29, and even then the tester kept saying how "well adjusted" I seemed and how I "didn't seem autistic" and she didn't think I was autistic at all.... I feel very strongly about this.

Women are not men. Men are not women. We will not act the same. We will not cope the same. Sure, it doesn't mean that women will ALWAYS act one way and men will ALWAYS act the other. We are all different. Sometimes autism in girls is clearly apparent. However, I think on the aspergers side of things especially, we tend to do things quite differently than boys.

Women are usually more socially wired. Even if we don't consider ourselves "social" or "extroverted", for some reason we have an inner game that goes on that makes us observe, or just deal with it differently.

The reason I mention the social thing first, and by itself in this post, is that the majority of our lives are just fine to us. It's usually when we are in a social setting that we and/or others notice our drastic differences. Those are the times when we feel the most different and the most foreign.

This post is excellent, and totally true. It's time that the professionals get their brains into a different kind of thinking so they can spot more of us instead of giving us random disorders like bipolar, personality disorders, anxiety, depression.... all of which can be PART of autism, like an accessory to it. But it is not the whole picture. We need a whole picture of mental health, not just one facet.

I was diagnosed with autism in my 40s. It’s not just a male condition