Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aspie Obsessions - Collections

I am positive that this is my most prevalent aspie obsession. I have rocks EVERYWHERE. You know how some people collect salt and pepper shakers, or bells, or coffee cups, spoons, or whatever, I collect rocks, and I use them for decoration. Who needs some stupid bell or spoon that says "Iowa" on it that is exactly the same as the one that says "Idaho" on it? What about a genuine ROCK from Lake Superior? I have a TON of those (many are agates!). Or even Lake Michigan! I don't have as many local rocks anymore, but my son is taking care of that particular collection just fine.

I had them in vases separated by trip, but I cant remember many anymore specifically, except in the first picture, the very large vase with the marbles and rocks is from a wedding of a friends' north of Chicago. The rocks came from the lakeshore of Michigan near there. Definitely different from Lake Superior rocks.

I have sand from White Sands in New Mexico, and on top of that are some shells that, to be honest, I can't remember if they were from a great uncle, or if they were from my grandpa's girlfriend. So, I have shells too. Not as many, because I personally have never been to an ocean beach with many shells. When I was at Cocoa Beach in Florida, I cannot remember seeing or picking a single shell (or rock, for that matter).

I LOVE sand dollars, and I have one that I bought that had the doves separated from it, was framed and had a story by it. I also have one that appears to have been picked, but I have no idea where that came from either.

Anyway, if you ever doubted that I have aspie obsessions, now you won't because this is probably about half of the rocks I have. After I took these pics, I found more in a box I was going through. Yup, there are quite a few, and even though I am very specific about which ones I pick, I still end up loving so many.


  1. I get it. I feel a personal connection to scraps of things I pick up from places I've traveled to. Dirt from Scotland, brought home in a little velvet bag. Rocks. Nature things I can safely bring home without harming anything. (not seashells, though. For some reason, I turn my nose up at seashells. LOL). Means so much more to me than a store bought souvenir.

    1. thats so neat!
      for my son, another rockheaded aspie, we've tried a dirt exchange but only got one other family to do it with us. we did get some people we know to straight up send us some rocks from their area which was also neat. :) but we are always looking to the ground for an interesting tidbit of rock to pick up. :) i dont know what it is. i just love it.

      seashells are hard anyway. they break. and sometimes there are residents inside. dont have that problem with (most) rocks. :P