Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Empty Glass

You know how you fill up a glass with your favorite beverage? How great it feels to have a full glass of water when you're thirsty?

Children are thirsty little life drinkers. In the morning, after a good shower and getting dressed and eaten, most mornings I'm in good shape. I am a full glass.

If I am sick, or a kid is sick, or (insert other overstimulation here), I start out the day in poor shape.

Most parents feel that bedtime is a great time. Finally, bedtime! Especially for somebody who hasn't even gone to the bathroom one time without a kid in the room or walking/crawling into the room, bedtime is glorious. 

My glass is empty. My glass is completely dry. Yet, some nights there is a persistent resistance. Every kid has this sometimes. Most nights are the glorious I speak of. But some nights, again, are just a battle. It's a "get out of my hair" time of day. It's a "this is the first chance I've had to not hear someone speaking all day". Its a "This is the first chance I've had to do my PT all day because I've been a mom all day today". 

Of course, after a week of exhaustion: baby spent 3 days screaming and needing to be held every second (I think teething and a developmental leap happened) and her not sleeping well either, and then followed by a week of big guy getting sick and being fussy and snotty and coughy and not sleeping at night because his inability to breathe woke him up disoriented and confused and crying and unable to hear us ask him what was wrong.... THEN baby and I get sick once that finally was over... its all added up to 2 weeks of pure frustration, exhaustion and madness. 

And now this battle. I'm really not doing well. I'm really fighting.

How do you refill your glass? When? What is your favorite tool for refills? 

Monday, February 17, 2014

You're Autistic, No Way! BLOG REFERRAL

It's been a long time since I have been able to read a post that made me so connect to it! So, I must share it and refer you over there - check it out please!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lately, Life Has Taken Over...

So, I have no idea what is happening to the time around here. Life has been crazy. I am unsure about what to write now that I have a tiny chance, because it's likely I will get interrupted and forget my train of thought again.

We are planning on going away for the weekend, and I am not nearly prepared. Tomorrow is the last day I have to prepare, clean the house, pack, and stuff. I am feeling a little stressed, but I think I'll manage. I have to make a few calls yet, and I have to get directions to the Apple store and the camera exchange. Besides that, I should figure out what everyone is doing for grandpa's surgery and where they will be and whatnot. I'd like to make better plans, but I don't know how I would with so many other things up in the air.

So, anyway. Baby has been teething something crazy for about 2 weeks. I thought she was getting over that first one, and then it seems the 2nd one is coming in right behind it. Poor girl. So she is clingy and whiny and fussy and that's hard to get anything else done. So wishing me luck! 

Anyway, any thoughts of things I should write about, leave a comment!