Monday, October 15, 2012

Sign This For Me

Please sign this for me. This is a need and every woman should have access to someone who can help them in the best interest of their baby and their breastfeeding experience!


  1. My wife was unable to breastfeed and I witnessed first hand the victimisation that breast feeding organisations, mothers groups and nursing staff visit upon people in those circumstances.

    I don't think I could support any group or services which are specifically described as "breastfeeding".

    Baby care and feeding - YES, breastfeeding - no.

    1. im very sorry for your bad experience. im always surprised by the way people treat each other. im always surprised by how poorly mothers treat other mothers. again, i reiterate how sorry i am for your wife's struggle, and for the fact that people were not nice to you both about it. thats not fair, and its not right.

      i am a passionate breastfeeder/breastfeeding supporter; it (along with other mothering topics) was and is my "special interest" - with aspergers that makes things complicated.

      IBCLC are people who help moms feed their babies. they are non-judgemental, and will do anything they can to help a mom to breastfeed, but if they cant, they will help moms to not only adjust to feelings of frustration or guilt, but they are there to support all moms. they provide hospitals with someone who is extensively trained in breastfeeding, not the typical nurse who gets an hour of extra training to become "lactation consultant" certified. those nurses might never have breastfed, and they might not even care whether moms do or not. IBCLC would be there for moms who truly want to breastfeed, and will give accurate information to moms to be successful.

      there are problems with breastfeeding and hospitals, much of which i wont go into here because its complicated... and i could go on and on about it. but honestly, any person or organization who judges or puts down mothers who cant breastfeed dont last long. places like la leche league are NOT ALLOWED to be judgemental about moms who cant, and they are trained to help moms wean at any age they wish. IBCLC is much the same to my understanding.

      that is mostly why i posted this. thank you for sharing your thoughts. again, im sorry people didnt treat you and your wife with respect through your situation.