Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Diet, Breakfast, and Taking a Risk

I'm taking a risk posting this, because its not really anything to do with Aspergers, except for this; I have some strong beliefs. I make decisions about things and I am very hard to move on those things. This is one of those things. Diet is a huge thing for everyone and we don't even realize how badly we are screwing it up! I posted this on another blog of mine, and so I'm reposting.

hey you, yes, YOU. look at your breakfast. look at it again. doesn't it look a bit small to you?
sure, you're trying to lose weight. you're trying to get healthier. maybe you are even *gasp* dieting!
look at your breakfast. the answer could be in your breakfast.

breakfast is just that: breaking a fast. and the #1 reason we go looking for food is because we didn't eat enough of it when we broke our fast. i mean, people call it the most important meal of the day, and we eat the least amount of food ? that doesn't make sense!

I've got some knowledge about "switching" the way we eat. basically, if you eat more in the morning, (like a dinner sized serving) you will have more energy throughout the day because you are running on a full tank. eat a "normal" lunch and a "breakfast sized" supper. this way the majority of your calories are in the beginning of your day when they will be needed to run your body all day, instead of at the end where they are just going to be sitting in your stomach or intestines all night long. 

don't get me wrong though, i STILL fall into the "normal habit" of having more at supper and the regular bowl of cereal in the morning. i don't know why, but its just the way we do things in this country or something. but OBVIOUSLY, the way we do things in this country isn't working, so why not try the OPPOSITE of that? 
a good addition to breakfast? oatmeal. that stuff is a POWERHOUSE food. but of course you know that. ;)

try this out:

now, yes, its based on Christian radio. i wouldn't call it a sermon or anything.
but this guy has got the best information on health and diet that i have ever heard. he can seem a bit "radical" because the things he teaches is so different from what is said in this country. (remember, money talks, and industry and bad health has money, theres no money in having good health!)

but maybe, looking at the way things are in the country, we NEED to hear something different, something (again) OPPOSITE of what the lifestyle in this country is promoting. 
call me crazy, but if the lemmings are all swimming out to the ocean and drowning in their "american diets" maybe its time to change something drastically. 

seriously. take some time, i think its a half hour, at some point, and listen to this podcast. phenomenal.

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