Monday, October 8, 2012

Bayfield Apple Festival: Crowds, And Things So Pretty It Hurts

This weekend we went to Bayfield WI for the Apple Festival. It was really nice, although I have to say next year we will be going the week before, (not to mention going there in the spring instead of fall!) because the crowds were ... well, they were crowds. 
My husband made the comment that all he could see is me ahead of him zigging and zagging around. He apparently is the kind of person who will just walk in a straight line and wait for people to move. I'm apparently the kind of person who doesn't see the crowd of people when I'm in it, I see the space between. I see the opening, and I head for it. This is how I can walk RIGHT BY someone I know, and not have any idea that they are even there. So, if I have walked right by you in a crowd somewhere, tap me on the shoulder. I'm not ignoring you, I just honestly don't see you! ;)

This thought came out of nowhere for me. I think this is something I have definitely had happen to me all my life. INTENSITY of feeling. INTENSITY of beauty experienced. 
Apparently Bayfield is at peak fall colors. Now, I have had peak fall colors up here, and we have been other places (like the north shore of Lk Superior) for the fall. This year I spend over an hour on a half hour drive to and from work because of the colors up here. It was wonderful.
But we get to Bayfield, and its FULL of deciduous trees. Oaks. Maples. Different varieties of things from what we have here, and all in "full bloom". There is an iron bridge to walk over, and that area was amazing. After seeing the festival, we found the walking path UNDER that iron bridge, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING.

I could have lived there. I could have DIED there. It was SO BEAUTIFUL, SO INCREDIBLE, SO AMAZING, SO PERFECT, SO HEAVENLY, it HURT!!! It literally hurt me inside. It was all achy. I literally could have stayed there my whole life. I just can't believe how beautiful it was. I took all kinds of pictures, but still wasn't satisfied. It was cold, and my camera fingers were freezing. But I just wanted more. I'm not entirely satisfied with the pictures I got. It was just SO BEAUTIFUL. Is this an aspie thing? I mean, I have read so much talking about how we feel things more intensely than others sometimes. This might be one of those times. My son and hubby didn't seem as affected.. They were "leaving me behind".

I mean, as a "photographer", I know we all experience this. But this was above and beyond anything I have ever experienced. The whole place was GLOWING. I just can't get over it. If I could move right now, I would be in Bayfield tomorrow.

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