Monday, February 1, 2016

Zweichen & Surprising an Aspie

So, this could be baby week! I am almost certain it will be, though I don't have any verifiable proof of that (yet), but its early yet. :P Still, I have the 3rd and the 5th are both special birthdays, but I'm leaning more toward the 3rd. Either way, I am prepared for it to be this week.

Zweichen is a German word meaning "in between". Years ago I read a post from a midwife (who's actually kinda local to me) who uses this word in her midwifery practice for the time period in the end of pregnancy. (Click here: Zweichen)

It really stuck with me because it is a very strange time period! There aren't many times in your life when you can feel this way so strongly. There aren't many times in life when you have this intensity of being partially in your old life and partially in your new life. And although it might be completely more mysterious with your first, I don't think that this feeling really changes no matter how many kids you have. I think you still feel the same crazy mix of insanity, impatience, anxiety, or not wanting it to end, but wanting it to end at the same time. (Cuz, you know, babies are a lot easier to take care of before they come out, but at the same time, you want them to come out to snuggle and not make you sore and tired and feeling like a planet anymore!)

I'm definitely in this stage.
I'm impatient. I'm sore. I'm tired. I'm waiting to be done with hard part #1, and get past hard part #2! 
I'm restless. Feeling like I want to do something, but I don't know what. Sometimes I know what, but can't physically or because I'm just too tired or sore. So, it is a frustrating period of time, in a way.

There are signs I'm watching for, probably like every other woman. But, if I miss those signs, I'm going to be sorta surprised! And, as I've said before, you don't surprise an Aspie! Not really that fun! Though, I'm just in a period of waiting, so I'm half expecting and half not expecting it to happen any day, but yet, if I miss the signs, I'm still going to be surprised! 

So I'm on edge, because I don't like to be too surprised, and because I don't want to miss any signs, and because I'm stuck between this phase and that phase. The in between isn't a ball of fun (but it's not torture either), and with driving distance, I don't want to miss anything important to signal to my team either! Yet, I'm prepared if they don't make it too. 

Anyway. Thought I would post something before this all happens. I'll be back and hopefully will have more things to say about the whole experience and changes and whatever else! Thanks for following.

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