Sunday, February 21, 2016

Facebook Obsession

So, did you know I have a Facebook page?
Always Aspiegirl
Go ahead and hop over there and give it a like! I post links there to a lot of things I find interesting, usually autism related of course. THANKS!

Facebook is a big thing these days, of course. I mean, its PAST "a big thing" I suppose, and we are emerging on the other side of "Oops, I'm actually addicted to this Facebook thing and need to seek professional help". 

I've often considered what it is I have such a hard time removing myself from Facebook for. I mean, I'm not necessarily a social person. In fact, I actually don't even actively follow most of my 250ish friends anyway. There are some I follow every post and see them first, but for the most part, I hid people and visit their pages and "catch up" periodically or whenever I think of them or something.

Really, I'm not actually on Facebook for the friends, though it is a big part of it - keeping in touch with people and seeing what they are up to in their lives. But really, when it comes down to it, I'm on Facebook to LEARN.

I've spoken before on my high school "crush" - which ends up being an intellectual thing. So I'm going to expand on that and say that this is what I'm looking for on Facebook. Not as much people or friends, but for learning and all those Facebook pages and links and stuff on things I'm interested or obsessed with. That's the thing about the internet. When I was a kid, if I were interested in skating (which I was) I was limited to what books were available from the library, or watching it when it was on TV. Today? I could literally google almost any of the Olympic athletes I was interested in at the time and replay their routines, and then probably connect to all their other routines as well. I can find their websites, their personal twitter feeds, whatever I wanted.

With my current interests (being parenting, nursing, natural birth and the like) I can literally follow pages that are specifically connected to those topics, and I can follow their links and posts on those topics. They keep coming all the time, rarely doubling or posting the same links twice. And thanks to Facebooks "On This Day" app, I can see them a year later too. :P Refreshing my memory I suppose! 

So yeah, I am definitely obessed with Facebook, but not for the reason everyone else is. Just like my high school crush, it's not for the reason everyone thinks, it's for my own reasons. Learning, gathering info, reading about things that inspire me and that I'm passionate about! That's why I'm there. To learn. Is that why YOU'RE there too? What are other aspies experiencing?

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