Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WHOO! Homebirth Officially ROCKED!

WELL! :) 
Little Boy J was born Feb 8, 6:02 PM safely at home! :) 
I have had such an incredible experience, and recovery! I haven't had much for blues at all in fact! If I remember my first two correctly, the first day/night home was ALWAYS a nightmare! I was completely blindsided by going home! This time around, I've been home the whole time! It is SO NICE! Top that off with a great friend who lives nearby coming over and keeping track of things the first couple of days, and cooking meals and cleaning a bit, it's been so great to just be able to chill and know everything is taken care of for a while! 

Things aren't going perfectly, and that little Type A perfectionist is still back there in my brain but mostly, I think I've killed it. This baby has been so good to me!

Having the midwife take care of his ties right away was also a great big blessing. He had his milk in 2 days sooner than his sister (if not more)! It makes a HUGE difference. SUCH a important and huge difference for something that takes less than 5 minutes to do, and really solves a lot of problems. Again, the medical industry is really being stupid by ignoring, rejecting and refusing to treat ties. Makes me want to shake people! 

But anyway, I just thought I'd pop in! I have had some moments where I have a little self doubt, or anxiety, or stress, or overwhelm. But mostly, things are going well! Part of that is probably that both kids adore their little brother! Sometimes little B is a bit rough or moves too fast around him that it makes me nervous, but for the most part she's been a doll! Big B is a good watchdog, when I need to shower or walk away he makes sure his sister doesn't beat on him or something. Little B doesn't really appreciate him at nap or bed time because she wants mama! But she seems to be okay really and doesn't take it out on him at least! 

So things are going really well, and I would do a homebirth again and again and again. Wish I had done it sooner! :) But this time my experience has been so above and beyond that I am just grateful that this - likely being my last (yeah, I've said that before) - that everything is going so positively and beautifully and I am just blissing out still just over a week later! :) 

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