Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Boy

Well, we are well into the testing with B. He is doing fine, cooperating and its really fun to watch. Sister was too distracting in the first session so I had to leave the room, but this week hubby was with so I got to sit in the whole time with him. I had to do some paperwork anyway. One more week then that big bad 2 week wait for the "results". I'm fairly certain, looking at the paperwork I had to do and answering for B, that I have known the outcome all along, again.

The biggest thing we want from all of this is just to be able to work with him better. Like I told her yesterday, help him to work through some of his frustration and anger and the fact that its 0-60 in 2 seconds... and since he is just like me where that is concerned, if I can learn something along the way too, BONUS. 

Testing is fun!

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