Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Unexpected

I've posted about this before, I think. There is a very large enemy in our midst. And that ememy is The Unexpected.

The Unexpected is rude, interrupting, and has a knack for knowing what one wants, and taking it away, twisting it, and making it impossible to do that.

The Unexpected overwhelms, exhausts, and triggers a meltdown that is uncontrollable and stressful. 

The Unexpected ruins beautiful sunny days, vacations, dinners, and peaceful chores or errands.

The Unexpected turns love into hate and cooperation into strong and defiant resistance.

I hate The Unexpected.

But you may be surprised how I hate it, not on my account, but on account of my son. He is losing it. He is nearing the 7 1/2 time period. Someone wise once told me that the half a year age is terribly difficult. Sadly, if this is just the beginning of the climb to a half a year (which would actually be in May) then we have a terrible, long, frustrating spring coming. 

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