Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'm hoping I have some followers out there who know something about meltdowns. And not just in adults, meltdowns in aspie kids. 

I'm talking about those meltdowns that are unavoidable for some reason.
Those meltdowns that stem from things like being told to do a chore or errand, hearing no to the answer to a question, and from overexcitement from having visitors. 


  1. I know where you're coming from. The one thing that I can say about meltdowns is that they're never as sudden as they appear. They're slow burn things. Sure, your child might fly off the handle when you hand out a job but have a think about it. Is this just the latest in a long string of interruptions? Is it a job that they really have issues with? Do you suddenly want it done "NOW" (ie: sprung without warning)?

    There's always a longer term cause and the actual meltdown itself is simply the result of a trigger action which is "the last straw".

    The other thing to watch for is the distinction between meltdowns and tantrums. They're NOT the same thing. If you let your child out of a chore and he goes back to his computer game and is immediately happy again, then he had a tantrum - and he won.

    If letting him off the chore and back to his game doesn't improve things immediately, then he's had a meltdown. Meltdowns need to be worked with, tantrums need to be dealt with.

    1. ooo. good stuff. thats great. ill keep my eyes peeled! maybe i can sorta write a list instead of springing things on him, like you said. then i can say "here are your chores today" and he can do them when he's ready... however, some things, like, the dishwasher, i need him to do when im doing it. hmm. im going to have to prepare better. and maybe like ive been saying to myself, a schedule would really clear this up.