Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thanks and Link Referral To Women and Missed Diagnosis

WOW! Almost 3000 views to this blog! I'd like to thank all you out there who are stopping by and checking out some of my thoughts.

Today I am posting a link to a post that quickly and briefly goes into why women are so often "invisible" as people with Aspergers. Just because the typical (male based) outward signs aren't there does NOT mean that someone is not an Aspie. This should be taken into consideration when dealing with people, even people you don't even suspect or think have Aspergers. Who knows what they are dealing with, what if you are misunderstanding them and their intentions? This is what I often had problems with. People could not and would not believe I am as honest and giving as I am. Without claiming to be a saint, I have serious difficulties lying to anyone, but no one believes that. Anyway, moving on, here's the link:

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