Monday, March 11, 2013

Going Away

One week from yesterday, we are going away! 

My husband has had a really long winter at work. With the added stress of trying to buy his own truck (which he decided against), and dealing with the regular little breakdowns which peaked last week with something to be fixed almost every other load, he is tired, and I am tired too. I'm trying to think of why I might be so tired. Sure, I'm pregnant, but this feels as if its above and beyond. I'm going to say that just as stressed as he has been, I have been for him. It has been a long winter!

So we decided we needed to go away for a couple nights. We honestly shouldn't, we honestly are going to really pull the strings tight this month in order to do it, but it is going to be worth it. We are going to a beautiful hotel that we have always wanted to stay at but never have, and we are leaving our son with some trusted friends who have a boy his age and another younger boy. It isn't an ideal situation from B's perspective, but I think it will work out just fine.

We plan to basically sit in the hotel room the whole time and just relax. I'll bring some books, there will be the TV of course, and the hot tub, and the pool (for the husband because I don't have a swimsuit that fits me right now! LOL).... We might decide to go out for a few things maybe, might take a drive up to Gooseberry Falls, one of our favorite places. And of course since we are in Duluth, on the lakeshore, I'm sure I will find myself down there on the lakeshore. :)

We don't do this. We NEVER do this. Of course, before B, we could do this at home. To an extent, we still can, grandparents love to have their grandkid over. However, there's something special about this year, there's something different about this upcoming vacation, this is the last thing we will do alone together before the NEW little B arrives. :) This is our babymoon. This is the last night we will be alone for quite a while, since we're the kind of parent who believes in keeping our babies near us until they are older.

For family who might be reading this, if you want to help us out here with $, we would appreciate it, but we don't expect it. ;) LOL!
I had teased hubby that he could take me out to a fancy restaurant. I think I will even bring a nice dress to wear just in case that happens. We most certainly have NEVER gone out to a fancy restaurant. Unless you count Olive Garden (which we have a gift card to thanks to a birthday present from some good friends, so we will end up there for at least one meal!)

I cannot wait! This is going to be so nice! I think with my Aspergers, and my hubby's Asperger's tendencies, we both need some time not only alone together, but alone. Like I said, I will probably end up on the lakeshore, and hubby will be in the room watching whatever he wants to watch (something else that he NEVER gets to do!). The only thing I can ask for is that the weather be good for pictures. Not too sunny, but not snowing like crazy either. I should start checking the weather forecasts!

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