Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Referred Post: MyAspieWife and Honesty


I LOVE THIS POST because its TOTALLY TRUE. I keep telling people this all the time, and it's like they don't believe me. I don't lie, and I follow the rules or whatever. I prefer to do the right thing, and I will stubbornly stick by that right thing, even if someone gets their feathers ruffled because of it. I know I'm doing the right thing, so it matters little what someone else thinks of it. It's not out of some kind of selfish drama, its sincere, and honest. Why wont people believe me when i say that?

You know why they don't believe me? Because few people are like that anymore. No one is honest all the time. No one is truthful all the time. People would rather run around offending people and insulting them than to tell them the truth. OR, people would rather lie to each other to "spare each other's feelings" than to be truthful. Think about it. When your friend asks you if you like _____, usually the answer is yes isn't it? Whether its a new haircut, or outfit, or makeup, or whatever, you don't want to hurt your friend's feelings, so you tell that "little white lie" to make her "feel good" instead of saying honestly that it isn't for you, or you don't think it ____ or whatever.

I HATE playing those kinds of games. It feels dishonest because IT IS. I'm the one that's like "Well, I'm glad you are comfortable with that, but the color makes your skin fade out" or whatever. I'm the girl who has said to MANY of my friends "That's great, but you look better without makeup". And then I'M the bad guy, I just told my friend she's ugly because I think she looks better without it? What is WITH you people? I'm not going to lie and say that I think that people with artificial color on their skin look better than people with normal color to their skin. I'm sorry, in NO EXISTENCE is blue a natural color for an eyelid, neither is green, or purple. I won't pretend it is, and I shouldn't be treated like the bad guy when I say as much.

Going off track to that subejct, you know, there's honestly two things going on here. First is that they use the makeup to cover up "blemishes". You know, if you'd stop putting that chemical mixture on your face, the blemishes would go away on their own. If you eat healthier foods, your blemishes would go away on their own. Second, they use makeup to "look fancy". Well, then you start hating your own natural appearance! You start to not like what you look like without a bunch of paint on your face. So you wear it more and more, and hate more and more what you look like without it.

I digress.

Fact of the matter is, I'm trying to build my friend UP. I'm trying to tell her that she doesn't have to spend her money on chemical mixtures and colors that aren't natural for our faces. I'm saying that her own natural skin, the body she is created with, is GOOD ENOUGH, and pretty, and beautiful. I'm the one standing there saying what society is NOT: you are good enough without the extra goop! Instead, I am treated as if I just said they were a hideous monster with huge warts and zits all over. Come off it!! I'm being honest!

People don't expect that, and they don't honestly know what to do with it when they receive it because so few people are doing it. Honesty is rare, true honesty. I would much rather my friend tell me that an outfit or look or hairstyle just isn't for me, than to have them lie to my face and then make fun of me behind my back or something. I like honesty. I sense something is amok when I am lied to, though I usually don't know what it is. That causes discomfort for me, and causes me to put distance between me and that person. Wouldn't you rather be known as a person of honesty than a person who just always "makes someone else feel good"? I'm sorry, to be lied to doesn't feel good!

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