Saturday, February 16, 2013

Being Sick & Tolerance

Both me and my 6 year old son ended up sick 2 days ago. We went to the doctor yesterday and tested positive for the flu. Our symptoms were cough, stuffy nose (me), phlem (him), fever, headache, severe body aches (me), exhaustion. This is the upper respiratory flu, not the puking your guts out kind.

So they gave us tamiflu.
Our son did ok, but he hated the taste.
I threw up. Twice.
Thanks tamiflu. Because the only thing I was missing being sicker than I ever remember being in my entire life is the puking. And I got to do that TWICE. Not the liquidy kind, nope, it was as if i chewed my food, swallowed, and regurgitated it on the spot. Even though it was hours later.

Being sick is intolerable, no matter who you are. But I discovered that all those things that sometimes drive me crazy drive me crazy on a constant basis when I'm sick. The random numb spot on my rib that I get when I'm pregnant? Intolerable. Dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen? Intoerable. Not being able to do the laundry? Intolerable. The only thing I didn't care about missing was being online. :P And I was on my phone enough to check messages and notifications. :P Cheating, maybe? 

Intolerable. Thank God it only lasted about 2-3 days in the intolerable state. Now its my poor hubby's turn I guess. :( Poor guy. He has enough stress about work and money as it is, now the machine is broke down. At least we know its only a couple days, and I got him Brody's bed all set up so that he has his own space and a comfortable bed instead of the couch where he has been camped out.

Being sick is intolerable. But I'm glad it was not the stomach flu (with the exception of the tamiflu incident!).

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