Friday, January 11, 2013

I Am Sheldon Cooper

Big Bang Theory just won People's Choice Award for favorite network comedy the other night.

I have seen several episodes of this show and it is rather funny. The basic story is a group of 4 total scientist geeks (thats an affectionate term) live across the hall from a really pretty blond waitress who wants to be an actress. That's really really basic.

One of the characters is especially odd. Sheldon Cooper. He has his own way of social interaction, that is for sure. I find that I can relate to him with a lot of things. He is very particular about his social interactions. He is always concerned with facts over feelings. There is a lot of talk out there that he resembles a person who has Aspergers, though the show has not (and it seems WILL not) identify him as such.

Honestly, though I am in full support of people knowing and learning about Aspergers, I do not think that it is necessary for Sheldon to be labeled as such. Go with me here for a moment.

People are watching this show. It is rather a popular show. Most people are finding Sheldon to be funny and interesting, not annoying and bothersome. 

Not labeling him gives us all one benefit: there are people like this. There are many people my age and older who are not and will not be diagnosed for various reasons. Some don't know anything about Aspergers and don't care. Some don't realize they might qualify. Some don't have the ability or resources to find out and get diagnosed. Some are too old to care. :P

Sheldon could be a part of normalizing people like us. People might be able to say "hey, that person reminds me of Sheldon..." and maybe they won't think that they are completely strange. Maybe Sheldon is opening doors for normalcy in Autistic behaviors. 

Basically, I am Sheldon Cooper. I do have a mental list of friendship "requirements" that I might actually write into a "contract", if I didn't have the impression that it isn't socially acceptable to do that.
But the next time you think of something strange I am doing, think of Sheldon Cooper. Remember, he's just a dude. He's cool. He's an icon. But he's also a me.

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