Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finances, Needs Vs Wants

So, if you read my last post, I said  "see next post". LOL!

We don't buy a lot of wants around here. Not really.
I'll give you an example; I haven't replaced my bras in 4 years. One reason is that I cannot buy them in any store, I have to order them, but the other reason is that we just never have the money left for those kinds of "frivolous" things.

Many of you women reading this might think that bras are a "basic human right" for a woman, but honestly, you have too much freaking underwear. If you have more than one per day for a week, you have too many (in my opinion). The most bras I have ever had at one time is 3 everyday and 3 sports bras, and two of the latter have been recently thrown away for their deteriorating condition (which should technically be followed by the other 4 of them to be honest...).

I believe in buying something that is worth buying. The bras I bought 4 years ago were TOTALLY worth it. They fit GREAT - a first in my life. I can't ever remember in my entire life ever wearing a bra that actually touched in the middle the way that they all say that they should. Or one that fit right in general! Bravissimo is a GREAT company, even helping me FROM ACROSS AN OCEAN to get the right size. They were more helpful than any store I have ever walked into and been physically measured in. No measuring with Bravissimo, its all on how it actually fits, and how bras are actually sized. Not all D cups are created equal, for example. If you look, the bigger around the band, the bigger the cup size. if you have to go up a cup size, go down a band size.

Anyway, I'm frustrated after trying to shop for a bra. How did I ever manage to find a bra I liked before Bravissimo? And now they've ruined me, I can't go back LOL. However, its a lot of an investment. AAANNNDDD my hubby didn't get his business loan. So we aren't sure where that dream is going to happen, if its going to happen, or how. He's going to try something else. That was supposed to help us. That was supposed to get us into better shape. So we'll see I guess.....


  1. Awe, I know how you feel. My husband is trying to start his business. And as of now, I cannot go out and spend money on "frivolous" things. We even had to sell an annuity in order for him to get some money to get more money. It's a never ending cycle. Hopefully your husband will get the business loan soon. Good Luck!

    1. yeah... we are going in another direction/way about that... so hopefully we will figure something out soon!