Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Being Pregnant, With Symptoms

My first pregnancy looked like it walked out of a book. I never had any Braxton Hicks, I never had acne, I wasn't sick, all I ended up with were stretch marks and a huge amount of exhaustion. I slept quite a lot, and was so tired. Otherwise, it was a pregnancy out of a dream, ending with a 7 1/2 hour labor that I consider to be an excellent experience, completely the opposite of the horror stories everyone likes to scare new moms with. I'm the kind of person pregnant moms should talk to because I had a positive experience!

This pregnancy is different. This pregnancy is annoying. I'm starting to think that if I had felt this way with my first pregnancy, I probably wouldn't have hesitated to never get pregnant again. The beginning was unbearable sickness all day long. I felt sick all the time. All I could eat was bland food, bread, cereal, cheese tortillas, that kind of thing. I wished I could puke because it might have actually made me feel better!

I am much more annoyed this time around too, though that might have to do with the fact that I have a 6 year old and two indoor cats, which I didn't have the first time around. I usually love my cats, and I have a favorite one, but even she is driving me up the wall. I'd like to just smack her. She's taken up yowling at night/early in the morning and its just annoying! She's so loud, and I wake up at the first little sound! It's like she's trying to get me to practice being woken up or something! It's ok cat, I've practiced before! For now, let me sleep!

I'm really intolerant of specific people when I'm pregnant. This is something I remember from the first time around too. It's just that every single thing they say drives me up the wall. So, back to avoiding certain people again. :P

I have my good old "numb" spot again. It's right at the ribcage above my stomach, kinda where your body bends there. It just feels as if that little section has fallen asleep or something. That can be rather annoying and uncomfortable. I guess I had forgotten about that from the first time around.

I have had ligament pain! Oh the ligament pain! When I move, when I sneeze, when I cough, when I turn, it can happen anytime, anywhere. I feel as if this means that I'm going to be having B-H this time around.

I have a few other unmentionable issues that I have never dealt with in my whole life. Hopefully they don't get worse than they are, because so far, its manageable, but weird.

I can smell more than I could before. I'm saying that because if I don't wash the sheets AND blankets on our bed once a week, all I can smell is BO. It's not even that its BAD, or anything, but its strong enough to annoy me and not let me relax. I can take about one night of it and the next day they are in the wash. Totally annoying.

The first pregnancy, I could not stand the smell of meat at all. This time, I would almost say I crave a good burger, but I'm not gorging on them or anything. Sure, the one time I could justify having a burger and I still don't really have a craving!

I've been eating a lot of veggie sandwiches and salads. MMMM. However, like most everything else, the prices on things like lettuce drives me nuts! Up, down, up, down, all over the place. It can easily triple in a week. Makes it hard to budget food. :P

I know I should be doing some kind of physical activity, but I just cant bring myself to actually do it. So far all the pregnancy workout videos I've gotten from netflix have just drove me nuts with how corny they are. Lame and corny. 

So anyway, that's my short list. I could go on, but I'm getting hungry and restless. This pregnancy sure is different, and I've really got my heart set on a girl this time around. Here's hoping!


  1. Some workout videos are SO corny!!! You're so right lol.

  2. Thanks for your blog. I'm 30 with Aspergers. I have a son diagnosed with Autism. I'm also pregnant.I shall read with great interest. :-D

    1. great to hear from you! :) thanks!!

      what was your experience with your first? what are your feelings this time around? any changes?