Thursday, December 6, 2012

Driving, Floorplans, Space

I'm not a very good judge of space. 

The number one example that I can think of is driving. I am not a poor driver, I just have a poor ability to judge the amount of space I have around me. To me, in my eyes, every vehicle takes up all the space from the center line to the white line. That's how it looks to my eyes. It's like a brain teaser though because I KNOW that there are very few vehicles that are that wide. The ones that are have to have "wide load" signs! LOL

I'm just a poor judge of space. It really feels to me as if I'm taking up all the space. This doesn't bother me until I have to drive with vehicles on both sides (such as in a big city or when someone uses a left turn lane and I'm passing in the left lane of a 4 lane highway or something) OR if I'm passing some sort of truck on a 2 lane highway. Otherwise, I just drive normally, meeting cars usually doesn't bother me. In bad weather it bothers me to meet a semi truck or something similarly huge, but otherwise, it's no big deal.

The other thing I'm not able to comprehend is floor plans. My husband can look at a floor plan and it seems as if he totally gets it. I do not. Sure, I can see that the bathroom is adjacent to X room or whatever, I "get" that its showing placement and the like. but as far as showing room space, or whatnot, I get lost. It is just a bunch of lines and spaces to me. Totally not meant to be an architect (unfortunately!). 

These things don't bother me in everyday life. Most of the time, my husband drives, so I literally do not have to worry about road space, though sometimes he does make me nervous with certain turns in a parking lot or something. But as long as I don't have to drive, I do just fine. And even when I do drive, I just have no shame in going super slow if I'm feeling a bit out of place or nervous. ;) 

Just a quick note today, so much to do!

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