Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saw It, Loved It, Reposting It: Sensory Processing & 90% Cure Part 2

Today I saw this VIA Karla's ASD Page on FB:

I loved it! Here it is:

The message posted with this photo is as follows:

"The three root causes of social communication differences in autistic people are directly impacted by said person’s ability to process sensory information. Both overall energy (need for down time or alone time) and real-time processing are affected when sensory processing skills are poor. 

It is absolutely ridiculous to think that teaching me social skills will help me in most social situation
s due to my severe sensory processing issues. I am lucky to process even some of what is said in most areas where there are more than 2 people gathered and talking.

It is mandatory that caregivers start to recognize some of the root causes of our social differences and to accommodate those versus forcing us into all these social skills classes.

Yes, if a person has no sensory processing issues and high abstraction abilities, it may help. The rest of us.... I think it hurts much more than it helps. Teach advocacy first!!! " - Karla's ASD Page

I was told when I was tested that I have high processing speed. However, I still require tons of alone time.  I have social anxieties because of bad past experiences (not distant past either, recent past too!). I can't process information well when there are other things going on around me. I DO take a long time to get to a point because I'm usually trying to figure out what I'm saying and how to say it.

The middle box struck me today. Just yesterday I had a disagreement about what is or isn't respectful with someone in a group I was admin in. There was a post that was, to my understanding, posted for the sole purpose of making fun of another person. Granted, the photo showed something that was not "normal" or "conventional", but the way that it was being shared with the purpose of teasing, making fun of and insulting another person was what bothered me. I felt the post was disrespectful. Top that off with a person who had just made it clear they wanted us (admins) to limit the invites to the group because we didn't want it to become a place where there was a lot of drama, and we all want respect for all members so we would all feel comfortable. We had done so good over election season, no political posts and arguements at all. It was great. However, this post had gone too far, and I simply started by saying that I hoped we wouldn't continue to post material like that. (Because if one person posts it, that opens the door to someone else posting something else, and someone else posting something else.. until someone goes too far.)

Anyway, it seemed, as the disagreement went on, that this other person and I had completely different understandings of the words "admin" and "respect". We did not share the SAME DEFINITIONS of these words. I am rather sure my definitions were the literal interpretations/definitions. The other person's definitions were definitely different, as it didn't appear making fun of someone fell under the category of disrespect.

See how this can create a problem? I wonder how many times in my life that I have taken a more literal meaning of a word or method or whatnot, and gotten into disagreements with others over certain topics because their meaning was completely generalized, or broken down to mean something else. I DO NOT see things the way other people do. I know that already. But I had never before broken it down into the fact that I literally take different meanings to words or ideas.

And now knowing this, how on earth do I explain it to another person? Am I going to have to walk around as a human dictionary, telling people my definition of words simply to avoid disagreement? It is a rather mind blowing idea, that my DEFINITIONS are so different that they are causing disagreement. This is rocking my world, in a good way.

This goes along with my post Diagnosis Is 90% Of The Cure. Each time I learn something else about Aspergers, I learn something else about myself, which gives me more tools and information about how to deal with the struggles I face DAILY in my life. It gives me a MORE EMPATHETIC view toward other people who have disagreed with me in the past, and it almost makes me more tolerant of those views simply because I can understand a difference in definition, for example!

Anyway, it rocks my world. And to have this post the day after the event I described is like such perfect timing that I know this journey that I am on is meant to be. I am going in the right direction, with purpose, for the first time in my life. I've never been more grateful for diagnosis.

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