Friday, June 5, 2015

Just One Disaster At A Time, Please

Recently I have been overly stressed. Funny thing is that I can't really remember what it was I was stressed out about last week and the week before, but I do know it was a significant stressor, and even my husband agreed it was a big deal. So my cycle was off. 

Yesterday, things started coming to a head. I was really getting cranky. And then not one, but TWO pretty unexpected major disappointments hit my day, and I literally came unglued. 

I already know that I have a harder time dealing with disappointment and plans changing than the average person. Therefore, I try to do the best I can to anticipate change or disappointment and prepare myself ahead of time. But these two things were completely out of left field, and literally came at me within the span of 5 minutes. I was literally chatting with our internet provider about our speed, when I opened a letter saying that the dorms at campmeeting were filled and that I did not have a room to stay in for the week of campmeeting. Then finding out that my internet is half the speed because they apparently can't offer me the full speed I'm supposed to be getting, and was getting 2 months ago, because "the line is full and in 'exhaust'" So two major crisis (to me) in the span of a few minutes

It has become obvious that I cannot easily handle that much crisis at once, on top of hormones especially. 

So, no, I have no idea what I can do about it. I feel a little less spazzy (about that topic) today, but I'm still completely cranky and with very little tolerance. I am so steamed about our internet that I practically can't think straight, but when it comes to having unlimited internet, I don't really have that many options, if any, besides what we have. Sometime when I calm down I have a loyalty program phone number to call and see what they can do, because paying the same rate for half the speed just does not make sense to me. This whole thing is infuriating and doesn't make any sense to me. It seems what they did is put gaining customers over the quality of service they provide, which is typical for a company. So we are researching our options, but I'm finding at this point the whole thing is a little overwhelming. It is ridiculous that a loyal customer is put back on the bottom rung after years of loyalty and support. 

It is just unfair. And if there is anything my aspie heart can't stand, its unfairness.

Anyway. So I'm in a mood, and I can't yet even function well because of it. This kind of overwhelm takes me days to get back centered. It is just life with autism. What you may get over in 5 minutes or an hour takes me days to get over.

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