Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Journey For The Boy

I know I may have alluded to this in the past, but the boy has some genuine characteristics of Aspergers. Spoke with his doctor since it has been difficult the past year or 2, and she referred us to a neurologist, who pretty much said that he is our little aspie boy! 

Tomorrow we start the official testing, or rather, the intake process for the testing. His first actual testing date is Dec 31, and then several of the following Wednesdays after that, until results at the end of January. As with myself, I'm rather certain that he is definitely my little aspie boy. I've known since birth really. But I need more tools to help him to be less anxious and more at peace, and get his going to bed under control. Something happened when he turned 6, and he stopped falling right to sleep! So strange, as he slept so well up until then. Oh well, getting older. 

So, here we go. Mostly, I just want probably what all parents want, for my kid to be happy, and for us to have the tools to work with the times that aren't so happy, and help him through that stuff, and set him up to be able to get through those times as an adult.

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