Thursday, December 4, 2014

Autism & Genius

I fully believe each person, ASD or not, was put on the earth with their own unique gifts and talents. However, I have found it extremely interesting the intense talents that people with ASD can have. 

There of course is no way of knowing, but taking information about people who have lived in the past, we can piece together some pretty good pictures of people who may have qualified as autistic. It is very interesting how many of the famous people thought of as having ASD were brilliant at their craft. Beethoven. Einstein. Jefferson. 

But it makes sense doesn't it? 
ASD usually comes with a high level of social impairment.

Most NT people are highly concerned with social involvement. Now think about how much time that socializing takes up for most NT people. 

Now think about how much less time socializing takes up for an ASD person. It's naturally going to be less right? Probably much less. 

And with all that extra time on their hands, these people with these brains that are just wired differently, they just have all this spare time on their hands. And these are not bored people! They make all sorts of fun with their spare time.

Who else would be as laser focused on creating something besides an ASD person? No social interests, just pure focus on their craft. Their ability to be totally obsessed with certain topics obviously has a lot to do with which skill they have, and obviously with all kinds of time on their hands to work with their favorite topic, all  sorts of thoughts and fascinations can come up!

I'm fascinated by this idea. As someone with ASD, I have hopes that I too have some gift that is unique and special. Even if I don't even know what it is, I do know that somehow my gift is important and useful. This is true of NT people too of course, again we all have our gifts. But I fully believe that ASD people are not a mistake, we have the characteristics that we have for a reason, and we have a lot of spare time not spent socializing to work on it. :) Ha!

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