Monday, November 10, 2014

The More You Know...

Jerry Seinfeld has been popping up in my feed lately because of his quote that he sees himself somewhere on the spectrum! I love this because it just goes more toward my thinking that 1: there are more of us out there than people realize, and that the cases aren't increasing, but the diagnosis is more popular now and 2: I've got this feeling that the majority of our creative, technical, scientific etc genius comes from people who's brain works differently than the average person and 3: you don't have to go through years of therapy or live under the diagnosis in order to be successful!

Whew! That was a bit of a list wasn't it?
I grew up undiagnosed. Sure, I wish I had at least an idea what was going on because maybe that would have lessened the pain of the torture of being bullied and being so different. At least it gives me perspective now. However, the diagnosis itself could be a bad thing because it just highlights your differences too. But the point here is that I am a functioning adult and I didn't have all kinds of IEPs, or extra therapies and stuff to get here. It is possible.

However, at the same time, parents need tools, and help with their children with spectrum issues! Society these days means that family doesn't always live nearby, and neither do trustworthy friends. Even when they do, both can be very busy people, or just unable or unwilling to help out dealing with an intense child! People are so overloaded these days, especially with finances, that it makes it hard to be available. Of course, to the parent of a spectrum child, this multiplies over those normal every day stresses. And if the parent is spectrum themselves, it's even more difficult.

It isn't just autism, but sensory processing too.

I guess that I do feel that the more you know about both any diagnosis and the child themselves, the more you can give yourself or your child a break because you know their behavior is normal FOR THEM. For example, if your child melts down every time you go to the store, or every time you are in a crowd, you have to realize that it is normal for them, and you stop pushing them to go along with your plans all the time. You realize that they have a limitation for crowds or loud stores, and you start making your plans accordingly. Whatever that looks like for you. 

Anyway, I haven't posted in so long and I had those thoughts bouncing around and they may not make any sense, but I had to get them out.

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