Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Defense Mode

Just saw this today in my facebook feed from a page called "asperger experts". There was a video with this, but I couldn't figure out how to get a link to that exact post, but heres the content of that post:

"There’s a hidden layer of life that most people with Asperger’s never experience, but is the source of most of the happiness & joy that one gets.
When people with Asperger’s are constantly in what we call “Defense Mode” where they feel the need to constantly be on guard and defend, they become numb to the sensations of life, and go from true living to merely existing.
The easiest way to ensure a happy, fulfilling and successful life for you and/or your child is to make sure that you/your child is out of defense mode.
Find out exactly how to get someone with Asperger’s out of defense mode with our free video series at www.aspergerexperts.com/defensemode
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Danny & Hayden
Asperger Experts
Both Diagnosed with Aspergers
P.S. Wondering what to do next? You’ll want to sign up for our free video series at www.aspergerexperts.com/defensemode "

I think this is going to be so good because I do feel I'm constantly in defense mode! I will be checking more into this sometime and I will write a better perspective on it later. But I HAD to share this link for now!

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