Tuesday, July 8, 2014


So, I have over 12,000 views! And 16 followers! That seems amazing! Welcome anyone who may be new, and thanks for following and reading.

I love suggestions about things you may want to talk about. 

I'm going to just write a quick note about something I thought of randomly. Adults with Aspergers.

This whole idea that there is an epidemic of autism is not something I agree with. I look all over the place and I see adults who have so many of the characteristics and signs of Aspergers, it is amazing. And don't tell me I'm making things up, because if anyone knows an Aspie, its an Aspie. 

The point is that we are out there. We are in the thousands and hundreds of thousands and maybe millions. We are undiagnosed and functioning in society. We have jobs, spouses, kids and homes. We can make it on our own or with our partners. Some of us still live at home with our parents, but the economy doesn't make it easy on normal folks, it only makes things more difficult for those of us with struggles. We are perfectly capable of reading and adapting to situations, after all, we've had decades of practice. Think about it; any adult Aspie has had 20 years practicing in social situations. We know what works, what doesn't work, and we watch and take in details pretty quickly so we learn in different situations what works and doesn't work then too. 

So the next time you think you are encountering someone who may be difficult, who is passionate about something to the ignorance of anyone's feelings, someone who is a bit quirky or different, even frustratingly so.... consider for a moment that there are thousands and maybe millions of us who are undiagnosed, and who will remain undiagnosed for our entire lives. People in their 20s, 50s and 90s may be Aspies. Give people a break. Stop and try to be kind and understanding. Get to know us, and give us some credit that even though we might be sometimes mysterious and quirky, we are also going to be your fiercely loyal friends. You don't really want to miss out on that do you?


  1. I recently discovered I fit the above group and after revisiting many of my lifetime memories, I see the same traits in many of the other adults around me. There are so many of us out there! I found it hard to understand after a lifetime of being fiercely loyal to my friends, that at 35, I don't really have any. None have ever really gotten "me".

    1. That's exactly how I feel!!! And the times I thought I found someone they don't return my feelings.

      I have one I would call close but she's states away of course.

      But that's like one person out of so many. Why is that? I'm so loyal and protective and honest ..... What am I doing wrong?

      Or in the words of Max in parenthood: if I'm so smart why can't I figure out why they don't like me?