Monday, June 23, 2014

A Long Week!

We had a long week! Last Monday, we went down to our state's campmeeting! It is a great time! It is like a reunion, or Vacation Bible School for the whole family! It seems like it takes forever to get here (it usually arrives about the same time summer does, luckily), and then when it's here its gone in a flash! 

This year, with a baby, it was pretty impossible to go to any classes. The evening meetings were good, baby was good during those. Most days she actually slept through them. 

My son had class at least 2 times a day, there was a 3rd but he didn't go to it except one day because he gets overwhelmed from all the activity and other kids.

He loves being around others. He is very outgoing and social. But his ability to deal with this is pretty low. He gets overwhelmed, tired, cranky and snotty! Add to the fact that we weren't getting back to my great aunt's house until 9-9:30, and sleep was 10 or after, and you've got one tough little boy. He is always up for a great time, but he is glad to be home today. In fact, at grandma and grandpa's. :P 

I loved it. It was fun. The Sabbath fellowship is amazing. It feels like heaven to me. They provide a huge potluck lunch for hundreds of people, and then people just sit around and visit under the shade of the trees on the campus. Talking about God, or just enjoying the weather. I haven't been to one yet that was ruined by rain, so I guess we've been lucky! 

The best part was seeing Shawn Boonstra again. He has been given the most beautiful message to share with people. I consider him a great friend. His 2 sermons were beautiful, and perfect. Just amazing testimony and everything.

Believe, Pt 1

Believe, Pt 2

I highly recommend part 2, but part 1 is great as well. Part 2 is his story, so that's probably more interesting. But part 1 is about how God does amazing things with the evangelistic series' he does. It's pretty awesome stuff. God is incredible. 

Moving on to more Aspergers related things, I was exhausted! When you're going going all day (even going to my son's class it was a lot of going, not a lot of relaxing or recharging), you don't get time to yourself, and chasing baby is stressful, though she was very good. So at night when we would get back to my great aunts, it would take baby a while to konk out again and then I would take time to repack for the next day, and rearrange things and just chill out. So it was 12-1 am every night. But somehow I managed to survive. It's amazing the amount of sleep you don't need when you're doing something fun!

Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick note. I am glad to be home and after shopping for groceries today, I have no plans to be anywhere. Just home. Whew. The weather is finally hot and sunny. No more rain and 50s! And I have a low tolerance for sweat, so unfortunately, it is AC month. That should show up nicely on next month's electric bill. Joy.

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