Monday, December 2, 2013

Blog Referral: So Many People Are Touched By Autism - Aspie Writer

Another blog referral: this time to Aspie Writer! I have been following her for a while now, and I love hearing her stories and thoughts because so many of them are much like my own. She too grew up undiagnosed, and was diagnosed as an adult. 

This particular post is also related to the previous from My Aspie Wife. There are so many misconceptions about autism. We aren't mentally handicapped, in fact, we have gifts that many others do not and can not have. Some of the most famous inventors and artists and so on are thought to have been autistic, and if someone had told them what people with autism are told today, would we have electricity? light bulbs? famous works of art? I don't know. 
Here's her post. check out her entire blog, because she is a fantastic writer!

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