Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Routine & To-Do List

I used to live by routine. You could clock it. You could almost tell what time it was based on what I was doing.

Once I was on my own, however, I don't know that I settled into a routine very well. I remember missing a lot of class in college. I actually don't know how I managed not to miss something important. Or, perhaps, I did.

Having babies did not improve the routine. I do not tend to run on a schedule, or so I think. It isn't like we do x at a certain time, then y, then z. I fly by the seat of my pants because things can get wild with kids, can't they! So I think I try to avoid too much schedule because I'd rather not have one at all than have one that keeps getting messed up. No schedule because of the inconveience/frustration of changing it, right? Yes.

However, we do have a rhythm. I've noticed this because since having my daughter 4 months ago, and starting physical therapy, I am having trouble getting things done or remembering to do things. With a lot of things that isn't a problem really, but its the new things that are the hardest to deal with I suppose. I have a hard time remembering to do my physical therapy! Or, I think of it when I am unable to do it; when I'm cooking, when I'm nursing the baby, or when its 11:30 and I'm finally settled in bed next to the sleepy nursing baby. I have forced myself to do it, even at 11:30, but it is really hard knowing how tired I am and how tired I will be in the morning, and the feeling of wanting to try to get up earlier in the morning, mostly for my son who wants me to be up. :P

I think this is an issue Aspies have to deal with. I think that there is a sort of overload of "to-dos", and it is hard to add anything to your rhythm. Like, it feels like my brain processing is running at max capacity, and adding things to it is very difficult! 

I have been thinking about this post for a while, and I think I have forgotten most of what I wanted to say, but I have a feeling I'm going to hear from other Aspies who have difficulties in this area. 

My son got referred to physical therapy for some of his back pain, leg pain, and pain while writing. She said he has very little core strength. These kids can be moving moving moving, but if they slow down at all, theres no muscle strength to hold them and it falls apart. She also said that some occupational therapy can help him too. Hopefully it will be as simple as her writing to the doctor and getting the referral. But it was reassuring I suppose that he is indeed dealing with some issues other than normal "being a boy". 

I say that to say this: Now I'm sure it's going to be interesting because he is going to have his own kind of work to do for physical therapy as well! I'm hoping that this will help me to do mine, because I can do it the same time as he does his. But a part of me is afraid that I'll drop the ball on this and I know that my problem and his problem is probably related, and that helping him now can  help to avoid him being my age and trying to fix these problems. 

Anyway, anyone have trouble fitting things into their schedule, especially when it's something new? Like, even starting taking a vitamin is hard for me to remember!

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