Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Making A Quick Post

I thought I would make a quick post tonight from my phone. 
I've been feeling extra but lately and I'm mostly glad that none of it has anything to do with being online. I've been reading a few books, blasting through a stack of magazines, you know, when I'm not being mom. 
I feel like I have been doing a better job if just being mom lately. I like this because I've had a lot of guilt regarding doing my own thing and not doing things that moms "should" do. I end up feeling a bit overwhelmed hen I do get online because my computer is running slowly or irradiance and I just wanna get done and get off it now but the performance issues get in the way. 

If I remember right I think my blog told me I have 8000 views?!? When did that happen?!? Awesome! Welcome and thank you for reading. I hope that I'm making something happen in your life and I hope that I'm not making anyone offended. Lol. I feel like I need to be more careful about what I say and that I should go back a d rewrite or at least check that I haven't been mean anywhere lol. I don't think I recall writing anything to be mean but people misunderstand me all the time. 

I have had more overwhelming times lately, but with less physical symptoms. I think I can once again thank my diagnosis, self awareness, and other aspies that I am learning from for that. 

Now all I need to do is get more sleep. If I could rearrange so I'm up earlier in the morning, I think I might not have to stay up at night.... And I wouldn't be so drained and tired hahahaha! Good luck to me!!

Any topics you readers what me to cover? Any questions you have? I'm open to suggestions. As long as it's sensible and aspie/me related. Thanks for reading and I do have a post idea coming up soon!

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