Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Overwhelmed Exhaustion

I haven't written anything here in a while. I haven't had anything really significant to say I guess. 

I have had this exhaustion. I am some days trying to play catch up to myself. I do really good some days getting things done, but other days, baby just wants me to hold her and I am just going to follow those cues. SOMEONE has to tell me to chill out sometimes, right? I just feel some days an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and I had been trying to fight it, trying to make it through the exhausted parts and into the part where I've done it all that day. I need to keep learning to back off on myself! Sometimes the list will still have to-dos on it tomorrow. It's probably never going to feel "okay" to me, but I need to learn to stop and put myself and other things first regardless of what the to-dos say.

So I've been baby holding, and dealing with the big boy too. We are doing rather well for the most part, and dealing with the issues that we run across one at a time. Baby is growing like a weed, but we still have something to clear up and hopefully we will have that all taken care of next week. Hopefully this takes care of the issues and we can move on to other worries and issues. It's always something, but at least this something has a solution. 

Anyway, what's new out there?

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