Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Empathy, Aspergers & Furniture Safety...

So. Wow.

And people wonder why I get all "nazi" about safety. Mostly car seat safety, but for once I'm glad I don't have a dresser, and I think I'm about to get nazi about furniture safety. 
I don't EVER want ANY parent to feel the pain and guilt that this mama does. Could you imagine this happening to your child? Could you imagine having a car accident and your child blowing out of there because you didn't put the chest buckle in the right spot (the most common error I see)? Could you imagine? I know I would feel sick to my stomach and many of these same things if I knew I didn't say anything about your improperly buckled car seat, or, in this case, the fact you havent considered securing your furniture. wow.

I'm just... so devastated for her. My heart hurts. Who says Aspies dont have empathy!!?? I sit here holding my baby girl and imagining if anything like this ever happened to her... I would be beside myself. This mom's description of her physical feelings are about spot on for what I would expect to feel. I can almost feel my cement-heavy legs, the crippling pain. Empathy for me is feeling something so much I have no skills to deal with how I feel about what happened to this family.

Probably why I can't watch Dumbo or Bambi....


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