Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weather & Mood Part 2

The sun has returned.

The warm weather has taken over.

The snow is melting.

There still is little that a person can actually do outside - at least in our yard - because its a swamp and still mostly covered in 2 feet of snow. However, its melting, and the frost is indeed coming out, so we're getting there.

I feel 1000000000% better.

I am seriously convinced of this weather theory. I wonder if ALL Aspies are like this, or if its just a few. I wonder if there is any research on this. I wonder what we can do about it, or if we should all just move to warmer climates or buy those fancy lights. I wonder if those fancy lights would even work when you still have to look outside to the wide variety of colors in white, black and grey. (Even pine trees look grey/brown in the winter to me.)

So that is my thought for today. It has been a great couple of days with doors and windows flung open, plenty of sunshine until past 8 pm, and LIFE outdoors. Birds are returning and singing like crazy. Today was the first day of the explosive return of the robins. It is supposed to cool back down unfortunately to the 40s, and I do not believe the snow they are predicting next week will actually happen at 46 degrees. So we will see I guess. 

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  1. The weather is finally turning a corner here as well! I vote for moving to a warm sunny climate!